SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER                                                                 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE MT. PLEASANT FRIENDS

Renew your membership or become a new member by October 20th and your name will be entered in a raffle to win four cinema tickets. Membership forms are in the front lobby of the library or by the book sale shelves. We have different levels of membership from which to choose.  Please fill out the form and submit it with your payment to the staff at the circulation desk.

All proceeds go to help support our Mt. Pleasant Branch. Please join us!



If you have any video games, music CDs or movie DVDs that you no longer use, please consider donating them to the Friends of Mt. Pleasant Library. As always we take all kinds of books. If you think the book may be too old, we have a place to recycle those as well. Please refrain from donating books that are mildewed, musty or falling apart – those can go directly into your recycle bin at home.

We would also welcome any holiday items that you no longer want, as we will put them to good use. Lastly, if you have any NEW GIFT ITEMS that you have received and are awaiting re-gifting, please think of us, We would certainly appreciate them.



Like Movies?  Why not consider viewing an award winner at Mount Pleasant?

The Library has recently started a monthly series on one Monday afternoon a month at 1:00 PM in the community room.  The highlighted films are usually chosen because they won or were nominated for the Academy Award or a similar prestigious award.  As always, refreshments are  included!

Recent titles have included Argo, Crash, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  No reservation is required, and the public is welcome.  Join us, and share your opinion on whether or not you agree with the award judges.

COMING - Monday, October 27, 2014 – 1:00 p.m.

Movie Poster



Ivan Reitman’s Draft Day stars Kevin Costner as Sonny Weaver Jr., the GM of the Cleveland Browns. With 13 hours until the beginning of the NFL draft, Sonny is informed by the team’s owner (Frank Langella) that if Sonny doesn’t make a splash and generate ticket sales, he’s going to be fired. That prompts the GM to take a trade offer from another team that gives him the first pick in the draft, in exchange for three furure first-round picks. The move outrages the Browns’ head coach, and forces all of the team’s scouts to dig up what they can find about the pick everyone, including the owner, expects them to make — a highly touted QB from Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Weaver is drawn to a talented linebacker who has family issues to deal with and is known for having a hot temper.

Author: Perry Seibert